VLC media player

VLC media player 2.0

Developer VideoLAN

VLC is a media player supporting most file formats and streaming protocols.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player 11.7

Developer Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Flash Player is a browser add-in for viewing flash videos.

Microsoft Plus!

Microsoft Plus! 1.0

Developer Microsoft

Microsoft Plus! 1.0 is for Windows XP and contain themes, audio enhacements, etc.

Google Video Player

Google Video Player 1.0

Developer Google

Google Video Player is designed to playback videos from Google Video website.


Media Player Popup

Destiny Media Player

Destiny Media Player 1.6

Developer Destiny Software Productions Inc.

Destiny Media Player plays all popular audio file formats.

Ofilter Player

Ofilter Player 1.2

Developer DigitByte Studio

Anywhere Media Player

Anywhere Media Player 1.3

Developer Anywhere Enterprises

Anywhere Media Player is a file-sharing media player for Windows.

Cucusoft All Media Player

Cucusoft All Media Player 1.6

Developer Cucusoft, Inc.

Cucusoft All Media Player was a Media Player for Windows.

Windows Media Player Series SDK

Windows Media Player Series SDK 9.0

Developer Microsoft

Provide information and tools to customize Windows Media Player.

AVS Media Player

AVS Media Player 4.1

Developer Online Media Technologies Ltd.

AVS Media Player is a simple media player to play audio and video files.

Sony Player Tool for Windows Media Player

Sony Player Tool for Windows Media Player 3.5

Developer CyberLink Corp.

Media Player Plugin

Media Player Plugin 1.0

Developer Switcher

Media Player Plugin will let you add Windows Media Player to a blog post.

Plato Media Player

Plato Media Player 13.0

Developer Plato Global Creativity.

Plato Media Player is an extremely easy-to-use media player.


R-Player beta

Developer Ronnie van der Linden

R-Player is a free no-bullshit media player for the Windows operating system.


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Groovy Media Player

Groovy Media Player 3.1

Developer BestWebSharing LLC

Groovy Media Player is a straightforward audio player for Windows.

AXMEDIS Cross Media Player, Rich Media Player

AXMEDIS Cross Media Player, Rich Media Player 1.9

Developer AXMEDIS

Ants Media Player

Ants Media Player 1.0

Developer AntsDVD.com

A free multimedia player to enjoy the most popular audio and video files.

Fusion Media Player

Fusion Media Player 1.7

Developer Fusionmedia

Fusion Media Player is the smallest fully-featured media player available!

Player - VLC media player

Player - VLC media player 1.1

Developer VideoLAN

Little Media Player

Little Media Player 1.0

Developer RNGDE LLC.

Little Media Player is a free media player that doesn't compromise on features.

Player VLC media player

Player VLC media player 1.0

Developer VideoLAN Team

Player - Windows Media Player

Player - Windows Media Player 9.0

Developer Microsoft

Ultimate Media Player

Ultimate Media Player 16.0

Developer Ultimate Software, LLC.

Ultimate Media Player is a media player that can play all of your media files.

Xtreme Media Player

Xtreme Media Player 0.7

Developer Besmir Beqiri

Xtreme Media Player is a free cross-platform media player.

Leawo DVD to Media Player Converter

Leawo DVD to Media Player Converter 4.3

Developer Leawo Software

Leawo DVD to Media Player Converter rips DVD to Media Player file for playback.

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